Engaged Professionals, there Experience & Strength

  • J.K.KAPOOR: is a chemical engineer having 36 years experience in the field of pollution control. He is retired environmental engineer from RJASTHAN STATE POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD JAIPUR.
  • MUNNA LAL CHAUDHARY: is MBA from Shri Ram Institute of Management and Technology, Greater Noida. and working as business development manager. He is responsible for after sales services & to seek feedback from our clients.
  • ANAMICA KAPOOR: is a Charted Accountant & responsible for compliances of taxes & other activity.
  • VINOD LAKHANI: is mechanical engineer, B.Sc. & having 30 years experience.
  • RAJESH KUMAR: Fabrication & erection of pollution control, & process equipments. He is responsible for fabrication of ETP & STP, PCM supplied by Green Recycling Waste Management.
  • NAGENDRA KUMAR: is a mechanical engineer (diploma) & having 15 years experience in erection of plant & machinery .He is responsible for erection & commissioning of ETP & STP, PCM by Green Recycling Waste Management.
  • SUKHDEV SINGH: is B.Sc & having 40 years experience instrumentation, electrical panel & electrification. He is responsible to design electric panel, instrumentation & electrical work in ETP & STP installed by Green Recycling Waste Management.
  • PAWAN KUMAR: is a Mechanical Engineer (diploma) from Govt. Polytechnic Alwar. He is working as Astt. Project Manager (Mechanical) & responsible for O & M of ETP & STP at various locations.
  • JEETU KUMAR: is working as Supervisor for the supervision of the whole team engaged in Operation and Maintenance of Pollution control systems.
  • The company is supported by other junior staff also.

About Company

Green Recycling Waste Management offers various services to the electronics industry including customized end to end solutions for e-waste management, electronics asset recovery, data security and electronics reverse logistics along with repair, refurbishment and retailing of electronics.The main focus of our company is to use more and more e-waste products to change it into useful thing. It will help to save our environment. To turn this ambitious dream into a reality we are in the constant process of satisfying our clients.                                                Read More...

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